Are You Afraid To Ask For Money In Your Healing Practice?

Five Reasons You May Be Afraid To Ask For The Money

One of the stumbling blocks for alternative healing practitioners is the ability to ask for money.  As a kind-hearted, spiritually based practitioner or teacher it is a common phenomenon to want to give of yourself which often means giving away your services or at the very least selling yourself short when it comes to asking for a fair price for your services.  Here are five reasons you may be having difficulty asking for the money in your practice.

  • Lack of clarity of your mission or what you offer.  A simple test for this is checking your response when someone asks “what do you do?”  If you paused more than a few seconds, you may need some help in this area.
  • Having a lack mentality.  We’ve been geared to create vision boards or focus and meditate on what it is we want to manifest in our world but few are able to pull this off effectively because what we get caught up in is the space in between, a subconscious focus on what we don’t have rather than what we want.
  • Lack of a clear goal or personal vision.
  • Unclear vision of your target market .  There is no way to set a clear price for your services if you don’t know who you’re marketing to.  Many business owners are afraid to narrow down to a clearly targeted niche for fear of not getting customers.  The fact of the matter is, the narrower the target the more clear we become to effectively communicate with our audience.
  • Lack of proper research.  Today’s technology allows us to listen in to our target market in ways we never could before.  Becoming an effective listener in the marketplace is a skill you, or at least your marketing manager, must have.

I could probably go on and on listing many reasons you may have for either not asking for money or shorting yourself when it comes to setting your price.  The bottom line is it’s plain old fear that keeps you hung up on the price tag.  If you’ve been a practitioner for some time, or new to the industry (yes, we can use words like industry and not take away from the spiritual basis of your work) and are not manifesting the dollars you need to spread your message then you may want to check out my marketing training specifically designed for the non-traditional professional.

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