Facebook Graph Search: Both Sides of the Coin

Ok, so maybe you’ve heard the buzz about Facebook’s new Graph Search which has currently launched in Beta (short for not open to everyone yet while we work out the bugs).  If you haven’t heard of it, let this be a brief introduction to what this search tool is all about, what it isn’t about and why and how it’s a different search tool which has a unique set of strategies outside of typical SEO.  Some people are already calling it GSO for Graph Search Optimization.  I think the difference is relevant so we’ll take a look at this from both sides of the coin, as a business user and end user (customer/client)

First, lets talk about the typical search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like from the searchee or business perspective.  We’re used to targeting key words or key phrases we think our audience will most likely search for.  With all of the information gathered through the search engine database, we’re able to create very specific content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc…) that is based around the key words (both short and long tail) associated with the audience you’re trying to cater to.  We’re then able to reach out in to the world and make ourselves known.

As the searcher, I tend to use search engines as an education tool and to find local businesses.  I would tend to put in terms like “how to cure a toothache” or “holistic dentists on Long Island.”  I can do my research and find a local resource from an educated perspective.  I can use it to enhance my education or write a report.  I can research forums to find people of like minds, videos, images and about a billion or so other bits of information relative to the topic I’m researching.  I tend to use Google, but that’s just my personal preference.  Continue reading

Is Your Business Failing Because You’re Burning Your Toast?

5 Reasons Burnt Toast Will Kill Your Business

This article as in anything I write, teach or say is based on sound research and/or personal experience, typically a combination of both or at least heavily weighted toward the latter.  In this case today’s topic stems from my personal experience and introspection while preparing my breakfast.

I burnt my toast (technically it was a bagel) because in those few moments that it takes to make toast I decided to come to my computer and engage in a brief conversation with a business partner on Skype which led to answering a social network alert and before I knew it, the unpleasant aroma of burnt toast was in the air.  An onlooker would have enjoyed the comic relief watching me run and dance around with the hot bagel but when it’s the bread and butter that feeds my family that’s at risk (my business) the laughter soon fades.

Of course the burnt toast is not directly responsible for business failure, the reality is it’s a lack of focus that leads many to finally pack it up and take their losses or, for the truly persistant, feverishly work endless hours year after year just to keep their head above water.  So, in effort to save my own business and possibly help you save yours here are my five key reasons you might be burning your toast. Continue reading