Borders Closings | The Beginning Or The End?

There’s a lot of buzz stirring about the recent Border’s Books closings.  Many are saddened as they watch from a nostalgic view.  The thought of books, jobs, and businesses disappearing from brick and mortar stores and re-materializing in the virtual world is leaving many in a place of mourning and for some a place of fear.

There are those however, like me, who view this as a turn of the page to a new and wonderful chapter in the book of life.  I’ve watched many technologies unveil themselves over my 47 years and I have to say that with each and every one there is that moment of loss in the remembering days gone by.

I hold strong to my belief that just as we’ve managed to watch the pot give way to the microwave and the dial on the television transform in to wireless wonderment so will we find our way to embracing the transition from hardcover to html for our beloved books.

As for the business itself and those within its employ, this is a time of opportunity and growth although at first glance we may not see it. This is the time of awakening rather than mourning.  This is a time to look to the future and seize the opportunity to transition with the time rather than fight against it.  It is a long and arduous struggle to try to hang on to the old when the new is so swiftly abound.

It is fear that keeps us clenched to old father time.  Fear of time passing us by.  Fear of losing a job in a failing economy.   Fear of letting go of the known.  All these fears are understandable but certainly not insurmountable.

It is time to shift with the tides of change and realize the abundance that lies within.  Haven’t we, after all, been asking for this change through our desires to work from home, our desires to have life at our fingertips so we can relieve ourselves of the burdens that take us away from our home and our family?

The natural laws of physics are answering the call of our desires.  The systems are in place to take advantage and create the life of freedom we long for.

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