10 Key Strategies for Supporting Your Business

The First Five Strategies: Getting Support

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series [video]

As a woman, business owner, and parent I’ve discovered through trial & err (and a whole lot of pain) the importance of being able to both get and give proper support.  It sounds simple in theory but can be one of the greatest challenges you face as a business owner.  It is however one of the single most important skills you’ll need to acquire to accelerate and grow not just your business but your legacy.

So, first things first, we have to learn how to properly get support before we can ever consider offering it to our clients.  In business, support may come in the form of coaching, outsourcing, hiring employees, or even collaboration.  These are all elements that when we really look at them are all forms of business support.  At first glance they don’t seem so difficult or scary, so why then do we have so much trouble with them?

Fear is the primary driver for business failure.  Identifying these fears and working through them will allow us to relax and realize that in being supported (not carried) we can actually build a more sustainable business system.  Here are the five key elements in getting the proper support in for your business:

  • Identifying the Need: You need to be able to identify the areas where you need support.  A great way to gauge this is by asking “is this part of my business costing me more time and effort than it needs to and is it taking me away from my primary role and tasks?”  If yes, it’s time to look for some other options.  This in and of itself can be challenging, especially if you are stuck in financial fear or have your DNA programmed with “if I want it done right I have to do it myself.”  Some reprogramming will be required.
  • Collaboration: Being part of a mastermind group(s) is a great way to find support in the identified areas of need.  A well rounded mastermind will consist of people in various niches with a variety of skill sets.  I need to mastermind with people who will challenge me to grow and have knowledge in areas that are not my expertise and also where I can bring my skills to the table.  Be careful not to get caught up in networking groups that are filled with people who have the same level of knowledge which often times is just enough to keep everyone stuck.
  • Spending the Money: This is one that comes up a lot.  There is so much fear surrounding money that we can get ourselves stuck in a rut that actually costs us more in the long run than the initial outlay of the outsourcing, hiring, or coaching that we need.  We need to be strategic with our spending (yes, you’ll make mistakes) and make investments that are sound and work for our business.  Beware not to get caught up in the slick, sales pitch of the “this is going to take your business to new levels overnight” packages and really zero in on your needs and spend in the right direction.  Research is important here and if you’re collaborating with the right people you’ll be able to invest your money wisely.
  • Setting Proper Boundaries: When we’re hiring or outsourcing work to people, whether we already know them or not, we need to be sure to clearly define the work they are going to do and how much it’s going to cost for that specific task or product.  The worst thing we can do is make a purchase and not clearly understand what it is we’re getting or not clearly define time frames in which it is expected to be done.  When we set proper boundaries there are no blurred lines and everyone (yes, including you) can be held accountable and maintain responsibility for their part in the process.
  • Personal Development: When reading through the other items you may have felt certain feelings arise within your body.  This is a great gauge for where the fears are.  If we don’t work past these fears in one way or another then we’ll always get stuck and stay in a perpetual state of busy-ness an d possibly on the verge of bankruptcy.  I’ve had to grow and develop in all these areas at one time or another (and still a work in progress) but with every awareness and breakthrough came exponential growth in my business.  We’re not talking about taking avenues to mask the problem, I’m talking about real down in the trenches personal growth.

This may not seem like an article that belongs on a website that talks about technology and more mechanical parts of business but rest assured that every element of our business, even our decision making, is a strategic process.

Please take the time to read this and watch the video above before moving on to part two of this series, “how to offer proper support in business.”

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