Is Your Business Failing Because You’re Burning Your Toast?

5 Reasons Burnt Toast Will Kill Your Business

This article as in anything I write, teach or say is based on sound research and/or personal experience, typically a combination of both or at least heavily weighted toward the latter.  In this case today’s topic stems from my personal experience and introspection while preparing my breakfast.

I burnt my toast (technically it was a bagel) because in those few moments that it takes to make toast I decided to come to my computer and engage in a brief conversation with a business partner on Skype which led to answering a social network alert and before I knew it, the unpleasant aroma of burnt toast was in the air.  An onlooker would have enjoyed the comic relief watching me run and dance around with the hot bagel but when it’s the bread and butter that feeds my family that’s at risk (my business) the laughter soon fades.

Of course the burnt toast is not directly responsible for business failure, the reality is it’s a lack of focus that leads many to finally pack it up and take their losses or, for the truly persistant, feverishly work endless hours year after year just to keep their head above water.  So, in effort to save my own business and possibly help you save yours here are my five key reasons you might be burning your toast. Continue reading

Are You Afraid To Ask For Money In Your Healing Practice?

Five Reasons You May Be Afraid To Ask For The Money

One of the stumbling blocks for alternative healing practitioners is the ability to ask for money.  As a kind-hearted, spiritually based practitioner or teacher it is a common phenomenon to want to give of yourself which often means giving away your services or at the very least selling yourself short when it comes to asking for a fair price for your services.  Here are five reasons you may be having difficulty asking for the money in your practice. Continue reading