10 Key Strategies for Supporting Your Business

The First Five Strategies: Getting Support

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series [video]

As a woman, business owner, and parent I’ve discovered through trial & err (and a whole lot of pain) the importance of being able to both get and give proper support.  It sounds simple in theory but can be one of the greatest challenges you face as a business owner.  It is however one of the single most important skills you’ll need to acquire to accelerate and grow not just your business but your legacy.

So, first things first, we have to learn how to properly get support before we can ever consider offering it to our clients.  In business, support may come in the form of coaching, outsourcing, hiring employees, or even collaboration.  These are all elements that when we really look at them are all forms of business support.  At first glance they don’t seem so difficult or scary, so why then do we have so much trouble with them?
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Stop Pitching and Start Selling: 7 Vital Keys to Webinar Success

Anyone who has been marketing online for any length of time has watched the transition of online events, otherwise known as webinars. They’ve become online pitch fests with little or no real value to the consumer resembling the likes of a TV infomercial. We’ve taken an online, interactive, educational tool and turned it in to how to rehash the same message over and over again for an hour and then sell something. Zzzzzzz…. This may sound like bad news but for you, the integrity driven entrepreneur, this is really good news!

When an industry takes a downhill shift it provides a stronger platform for you to dominate your niche. The more the leaders (often called gurus) and followers (the sheep) commit these crimes against marketing, the higher the platform is built for you to stand up and shine! But, as a tech savvy business owner, you already knew that.

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