Are You Afraid To Ask For Money In Your Healing Practice?

Five Reasons You May Be Afraid To Ask For The Money

One of the stumbling blocks for alternative healing practitioners is the ability to ask for money.  As a kind-hearted, spiritually based practitioner or teacher it is a common phenomenon to want to give of yourself which often means giving away your services or at the very least selling yourself short when it comes to asking for a fair price for your services.  Here are five reasons you may be having difficulty asking for the money in your practice. Continue reading

Is Your Dream Board Killing Your Dreams?

The dream board or what some call a vision board has become a standard tool among those who are looking to get ahead and manifest their dreams. The intention is to create a physical representation of those things we wish to manifest in our world. The idea then is that as we spend time focusing upon those things we wish to have, we activate the law of attraction therefore bringing them in to manifestation and part of our physical reality.
The law of attraction is a very powerful law and the very reason that many who create dream boards only get more of what they don’t want rather than all those beautiful things they do want. The end result is frustration which leads to the belief that the law of attraction is not real and hopelessness becomes a dominant energy once again.
Don’t lose hope. There is a simple fix but one, I must caution, that is not always easy to practice. Continue reading