Setting Up a Healthy Office

When setting up our offices whether at home or in a conventional work environment we often make sure we have the essentials to get our work done.  We get the stapler, the post-it notes, a killer new computer, and maybe even a divider or two to really organize all of that stuff.  This gets us set up for the “to-do’s” but what about setting up the creative tone of our office?  I’m not so sure we can get that at our local office supply.

As a Reiki Master, Fitness Coach, and Entrepreneur I have developed a few ideas on how to turn that work station in to a production studio.

1.       Get on The Ball: Yes, I mean literally get on the ball.  Using a balance ball for your office chair brings balance to both your body and your energy.  Keeping those core muscles firing strengthens our energy centers responsible for grounding, creative flow, and guidance.  I do keep a regular chair available for times I may want to use it but 98% of the time I’m on the ball.

2.       Bring On The Band: No, I’m not talking about music I’m talking about resistance bands.  Part of being a great leader is ongoing education.  This leads to several hours of webinars, calls etc.. and I find that the best thing to do is break out those bands and let that energy flow while listening or watching the latest industry changing webinar!  If I’m stuck on a project, same thing.  I take a break and hit the bands.

a.       Bicep Curls – Do some bicep curls when you want to bring energy in to your field.  When you’re asking the universe to deliver some ideas or even things you need start curling!

b.      Tricep Extensions – The tricep muscle extends the arm or creates the motion of pushing away.  I like to visualize getting all unwanted energy out of my way when pushing away at those triceps.

c.       Lateral Raise (shoulders) – Strengthening your deltoids brings strength and stability in the area of the throat chakra or the energy center for speaking our truth.  As an entrepreneur you are well aware of the importance of being able to convey your ideas to your audience.  Switch things up with some shoulder presses or arm circles to really get things moving.

3.       Jump In to Action: Yes, of course I mean literally again.  Do a few jumping jacks, run in place, jump rope, whatever it is you like to do to get that heart pumping.  Moving energy in our heart center allows us to bring compassion in to our business and anyone in any business must find compassion in both themselves and their clients to be effective in what they do.

Exercising to induce creative flow is a great addition to any work environment.  The release of endorphins in to our system as a result of these activities gives us a sense of well-being, happiness, and helps with the relief of pain which often occurs when sitting in front of the computer all day long.

Filling your office with the tools you need to make an efficient work station is essential.  Setting up your office to strengthen your body, your mind, and set up the creative flow is absolutely imperative.   Take the time to get yourself set up for success in every way.

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