How Do I Stay Focused?

The #1 Question From New Marketers:  How Do I Stay Focused?

One of the most prevalent questions for new business owners and marketers is “how do I stay focused?”  There just seems to be so much to learn and set up which can become very overwhelming to say the least.

As difficult as this question may seem when you’re in the depths of chaos, the answer is relatively simple and can be answered in a single word:  Purpose.  Purpose is the root to efficiency and effectiveness in any endeavor from the overall mission of your business down to the singular task.  We’ll stick to the latter for today since it’s the question of managing the task load that I believe overwhelms new marketers the most.

To understand the purpose of the task, whether it’s creating a Facebook presence, building a blog, making a phone call, etc… we need to understand it’s specific function within the marketing system which we can start to define by placing it within one of the categories of the 6 basic marketing functions which are:

  • Branding / Niche Targeting
  • Syndication
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting
  • Conversions

You may be finding some relief already as you look at each category and start to see where the specific tools you’ve been learning fit within these categories.  It is important to understand that as we may try to fit the entirety of something like building a Facebook presence in to one category the fact is, there are many elements to Facebook that can be used to serve a variety functions.  So, when you sit down to start building look at each element, such as posting on your wall or creating a new tab and first ask yourself, which function do I want this to serve?

Once we’ve categorized the task we can define it’s specific function and from there we can work with ease and clarity aiding in our ability to remain focused.  We often lose our focus because we have not clearly defined this purpose and were never really focused in the first place.

The writing of this article has a very specific function within my business and marketing system.  The article itself will always serve as a tool to add credibility to my brand and help serve my niche as I’m answering a specific question being asked by this population.

The confusion may come in to play when we look at the article as a traffic generation tool.  The fact is, it’s not the article itself that drives traffic to a specific location it’s the addition of links that provides this service.  On an online syndication site (such as E-zine) this may occur in the resource box attached to the article as linking from articles is poor form and often against the rules of online publishing sites.   The choosing of the online publishing site then becomes my syndication tool as many people use articles from these sites to provide information to their market.

Of course, the ultimate goal here is to help you find relief and find your focus so you can create an amazing business presence and fulfill your ultimate life’s purpose of living a life of freedom and joy.

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