Grateful for ALL Mentors

Some of my greatest mentors are those who show me the person I do not want to be. I am equally grateful for their presence as I am those who model success and integrity. How incredible is it that we manifest what we need in our world, not always what would seem at first glance to be the easy road. I am grateful today for my awareness and will walk with gratitude for every person and every experience I’ve had, am having, and will have throughout my life.

I have no room to judge as I have walked both paths throughout my lifetime.  I have, and at times still do, model those things that show others what they may not want to do or be.  I do my best to model integrity in both personal and professional endeavors but when I fall short I hope someone, somewhere can see the value of that teaching even though on those days I have not necessarily set out to be the teacher, at least not with cognitive awareness.

I find that when I live a day of action rather than reaction I set myself up for success and can be the woman with integrity that I strive to be.  This, of course, requires me to be able to step back, take a deep breath, step back in to that place of gratitude, and then move forward with action.

The two watch words for today are gratitude and action with gratitude being the precursor to action in all areas of my life. I visualize my path as having stepping stones and on each one of them is inscribed the word “gratitude” and when I veer off course I will remind myself to step back on to my path, I will  re-center myself in a place of gratitude, I will take a deep breath, and then and only then proceed to step forward.

Mastering this allows me to be in control of my own life, to live a life of my choosing and not one of wavering out of control in response to the circumstances around me.  The most direct route to my destination is a straight line.  I will do my very best and when I fall short will step back on that stepping stone, breathe, find that place of gratitude and then take action.

Have an amazing day……


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