Creating Goals

If there is one term we need to first set in to our mind it is, ideas are not goals.  If this were a lecture, I would insert a deliberate pause to let that statement sink in.  Ideas are those beautiful, energy propelling visions we get, induced by an event or situation, that spark the flame of creativity without which we would never have cause to create goals and therefore never achieve them. 

The creation of a goal is simply the act of bringing an idea in to clear focus.  We need to be able to see it as it exists in the world around us.  More importantly, we need to see ourselves in it whether it is an action, a place, or using a product we want to develop.  Here are a few “how-to’s” to aid in the creative process.  Continue reading

Relating to Food

As a fitness coach I have the opportunity to help many people develop and achieve their health and fitness goals.  We choose a regimen that fits best with one’s lifestyle incorporating the elements of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and a good sound nutrition plan.  It seems likely that if one sticks to the plan as prescribed success is eminent.  Why then are so many unsuccessful in their endeavor to achieve their objective?

The sticking point for many, me included, is when it comes to nutrition.  It’s not that we don’t understand what, when, or how much to eat.  There is certainly enough information to be found on the subject to make one well versed in the logistics of nutritional planning.  So, what’s the deal?  Why is the most prevalent stumbling block to fitness success that of nutrition? Continue reading