Adding R&R To Your Business Plan

Has that one time vision of long vacations and a 4 hour work week turned in to long hours and sleepless nights?

Giving birth to your new business is like giving birth to a baby. Prior to the arrival we have wonderful visions of how beautiful, easy, and great parenthood will be.  Playing, laughing, and going to bed on time…  Then the big day comes and you realize your once quiet, dream filled respite is a cluttered, noisy consequence of sleep deprivation.  Oh yeah, that’s definitely what it’s like to start a business.

Ok, so maybe the vision wasn’t of parenthood but many business owners at one time had a vision of days on the beach, and vacations any time you want and so on.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t have these visions but just like parenthood, it typically comes on the heels of some hard labor to get it moving.  The balancing act however comes in to play in finding the balance while navigating through the sleepless night phase of business building.  Pulling this off is relatively easy, we just need to take the R&R time out of the mission statement and in to the day planner.  Here are a few suggestions. Continue reading

Are You Afraid To Ask For Money In Your Healing Practice?

Five Reasons You May Be Afraid To Ask For The Money

One of the stumbling blocks for alternative healing practitioners is the ability to ask for money.  As a kind-hearted, spiritually based practitioner or teacher it is a common phenomenon to want to give of yourself which often means giving away your services or at the very least selling yourself short when it comes to asking for a fair price for your services.  Here are five reasons you may be having difficulty asking for the money in your practice. Continue reading