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Have you found your Wayseer calling and just haven’t worked past the fear to make the leap?

This blog post in Wayseer News ignites that spirit of the eagle within us but many times we stay in places that don’t fit us and deprives us of our true needs.  We do this not because we lack the ambition or even talent to bring our message to the world.  We do this because we just don’t have the confidence and are overwhelmed by the technical elements of marketing and all that comes with monetizing our vision so we can walk our path with ease.

If this resonates with you then click on the Nontraditional Professionals tab and develop the confidence and know-how to bring your message to the world.

You can do this!
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The Google+ For Business Uproar

Ok, so maybe you just had someone set up your Google Places page for your business only to find out that now you have a Google+ Local page that popped up.  Or, maybe that didn’t happen and you’re wondering what you need to do next or …maybe you just don’t even know what I’m talking about.

No matter where you find yourself on this topic, no worries there’s no need to rush and get all flustered.  We’ve got this handled.

The fact of the matter is that Google is making some changes and from what I see, some changes that could definitely be for the better for your business.   Here are just a couple advantages to using the new Google + Local for Business (Yes, that’s a real mouthful) page. Continue reading