Want Minimalist Advertising That Actually Works? A New Look At Quick Response Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words then why not have one that speaks for your business?  Today’s technology is filled with amazing opportunities to propel your prospects through the information highway and right to your doorstep.  Yes, I mean that literally.

Imagine a tired mom who just needs a break passing a picture of a woman who looks just as worn out as she feels.  She scans the QR only to find a coupon just for her.  It couldn’t have come at a better time so she buys the deal and books the appointment right on her smartphone as an impulse purchase that took less than 5 minutes from decision to delivery.  She gets a reminder a day and then an hour ahead of time and finds her way to your massage studio (or salon, or…) without ever having make a call or look you up on an online mapping service. Continue reading

How Do I Stay Focused?

The #1 Question From New Marketers:  How Do I Stay Focused?

One of the most prevalent questions for new business owners and marketers is “how do I stay focused?”  There just seems to be so much to learn and set up which can become very overwhelming to say the least.

As difficult as this question may seem when you’re in the depths of chaos, the answer is relatively simple and can be answered in a single word:  Purpose.  Purpose is the root to efficiency and effectiveness in any endeavor from the overall mission of your business down to the singular task.  We’ll stick to the latter for today since it’s the question of managing the task load that I believe overwhelms new marketers the most. Continue reading