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Some of my greatest mentors are those who show me the person I do not want to be. I am equally grateful for their presence as I am those who model success and integrity. How incredible is it that we manifest what we need in our world, not always what would seem at first glance to be the easy road. I am grateful today for my awareness and will walk with gratitude for every person and every experience I’ve had, am having, and will have throughout my life. Click to continue…

by Cindy Zeis

To truly consider yourself an entrepreneur you must first be able to see yourself as a leader. Sometimes we feel that we are leaders because we’re good at conveying a message and motivating people. These are indeed great characteristics to have as a leader but will not act as the sole foundation for effective leadership. We must caution ourselves to not confuse the gift of persuasive communication with the talent of being a leader.

An effective leader is a strategist. The irony here is to become a truly effective leader we need to understand the strategy in developing our leadership potential. The following are ten sound principles I have found that if applied fully and honestly, with integrity and humility are the making of an exceptional leader. As a leader you must: Click to continue…

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