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by Cindy Zeis

One of the hot news topics of that day is that of Olga Kotelko, described in the NY Times Magazine as “The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian.”  I was discussing Olga’s accomplishments, and that of the others who compete in the Masters Track events, last night with some friends and words like incredible, amazing, inspiring, and the like were commonplace within this discussion.  I believe we can agree that anyone who is competing in physical fitness events at the age of 91 is someone we would all hold a standing ovation for.

The NY Times Magazine article also compares Kotelko’s records with those of the current women’s high school and world track and field records.  Even though Olga Kotelko may be jumping or throwing only ¼ of the distance of the other record holders this does not detract from our amazement for her accomplishments.  Click to continue…

When setting up our offices whether at home or in a conventional work environment we often make sure we have the essentials to get our work done.  We get the stapler, the post-it notes, a killer new computer, and maybe even a divider or two to really organize all of that stuff.  This gets us set up for the “to-do’s” but what about setting up the creative tone of our office?  I’m not so sure we can get that at our local office supply.

As a Reiki Master, Fitness Coach, and Entrepreneur I have developed a few ideas on how to turn that work station in to a production studio. Click to continue…

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