Want Minimalist Advertising That Actually Works? A New Look At Quick Response Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words then why not have one that speaks for your business?  Today’s technology is filled with amazing opportunities to propel your prospects through the information highway and right to your doorstep.  Yes, I mean that literally.

Imagine a tired mom who just needs a break passing a picture of a woman who looks just as worn out as she feels.  She scans the QR only to find a coupon just for her.  It couldn’t have come at a better time so she buys the deal and books the appointment right on her smartphone as an impulse purchase that took less than 5 minutes from decision to delivery.  She gets a reminder a day and then an hour ahead of time and finds her way to your massage studio (or salon, or…) without ever having make a call or look you up on an online mapping service.

Oh yeah, it’s that easy!  It takes very little coding and requires only a couple web pages and a shopping cart.  Oh sure, you could get away with the same ol’ hum drum, not to mention expensive, coupon mailers and give away 60-90% of your profits on a “deal of the day” website like Groupon.  If you got it like that, go for it!  This isn’t for everyone, mostly just for those who like to keep their hard earned money.

As with any marketing strategy, there are a few considerations you must take when delving in to this minimalist ad strategy.  Here are my five must have’s for Q-Art™ advertising:

  1. Make sure you choose an image that speaks clearly to your customer’s pain or pleasure trigger.
  2. Choose a style that speaks to your target demographic.  If they don’t “get it” they won’t scan it.
  3. Your colors should either match the theme of your business (website, logo, store front…) or create an emotional flow such as dark to light when moving them from pain to relief.
  4. The initial landing page should be clean and minimal.  Do not send them from your well thought out artistic ad to a busy website with flashing this that and the other thing.
  5. And most of all, MAKE SURE IT SCANS!  This one should go without saying but you wouldn’t believe the stories if I told you of some heavy hitter companies out there that have some beautiful pieces of QR art that are not functional.  Hello?!

See, advertising doesn’t have to be dull and it certainly doesn’t have to be hard.  Check out my Q-Art™ idea page and get you creative juices flowing

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