The Recession and the Entrepreneur

by Cindy_Zeis

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”

~Albert Einstein

I model my life and my business around what I can give to society rather that what I can take.  Of course I receive much in the way of both monetary and non-monetary reward as a result of what I do and certainly want the same for those I work with.  I firmly believe we all have limitless potential for success.  As we learn and grow and help others do the same we can come to know success beyond the limits of our own imagination. 

The catch word of the day is recession.  You see it in the headlines, it’s the topic of water cooler discussions and news broadcasts.  The rug of stability has once again been pulled from under the average American.  The once common advice of putting our money in to real estate and making sound banking arrangements are now questionable at best.   The fall of the financial institution coupled with the rise of unemployment is an alarming realization for many citizens both here and abroad. 

We would be foolish to say the impact of economic recession is purely financial. Many are turned away from once stable employment and even more are losing their homes, recession becomes a perpetuate to an already rising healthcare crisis.  Worry and fear are commonplace even among the still employed. 

Where then is the silver lining?  With the foothold of financial security dwindling away, how does one climb from the depths of this economic down turn? 

We will not find the answer by continuing to evaluate the problem although it is important to understand it.  Instead, we must formulate antidotal thoughts and philosophies.  All times of failure are merely turning points leading us to pivotal thinking and new and better solutions. 

If economic instability is the product of elements such as greed, separation an uneven playing ground and an overall mentality of every man for himself then isn’t it safe to conclude that economic stability can be found in a coming together on a leveled field, with a solution where one helps another and in doing so they prosper themselves?  It makes good sense to me.  Of course, I speak only as a layperson as I am not an economist or a trained financier.

If there were an opportunity where people could find these elements and implement them with little out of pocket expense wouldn’t now be the perfect time to take that ball and run with it? It seems that such an opportunity may seem too good to be true but if the expense is minimal then so is the risk.  Surely if such a plan existed no one would be able to pass it up. Why would they, especially if they have any drive left in them for success.

The fact of the matter is the plan does exist and has for many years now.  The multi-level, network marketing model has been in place for decades.  Many have taken the opportunity to establish very successful, home based, low overhead businesses.  By nature it is the perfect means to embrace the idea of one man helping another.  As one reaches back to lend the hand of success to another they are rewarded both in capital and conscience.  Have there been many failures, absolutely, just as there has been in main stream business. 

Why is it then that many people have an aversion to entering in to this type of opportunity?  I believe that as with anything, there are a number of reasons but here are two I believe are key.  First, we’ve watched people fail.  Most of us know someone, if not many people, who have entered in to these things and came out on the other side even worse than when they started.  Maybe we know more people who failed at this than they did at a standard brick and mortar business.  That would stand to reason in the sense that it takes much more capital to start a brick and mortar relatively decreasing the number of start ups.  It also may hold true that the one who has invested more capital in to their venture would hold on more fervently than one who has not in those moments when the growth of a company is likened to that of child birth.  It takes some staying power to get a business on its feet no matter what the initial cost. 

Also, in days gone by we had to call or visit people to show them a product or present an opportunity.  Communication was much slower and marketing was most likely by word of mouth with little or no advertising.  Shipping was much slower then and drop shipping wasn’t as commonplace as it is now so inventory had to be maintained in one’s home and distributed to the client.  I know firsthand, I remember going around with my mother at all hours to get the inventory items she needed for her “home based business.”   

Nothing is the same as it used to be and we cannot afford to compare the opportunities of today with those of yesterday.  Technology has changed so rapidly in just the past few years setting a new tone of business management.  Advancements have been made in other areas as well such as publishing and marketing.  Today you don’t even need to actually print a book to sell it.  If you do, there are print to order options that keep us from having to bear the weight of overhead to distribute our product.  The information highway is now so vast we can reach clients in every country at a moment’s notice.  With personal branding and the fusing of one’s own product with that of an existing MLM the sky is the limit for today’s entrepreneur.  

  As we sit in the midst of an economic downturn, the result of times of great separation, I’m compelled to restate the words of Mr. Einstein, “the value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”  Each and every one of us no matter of what age or experience has something of value to offer.  What is your brand, what is your product, what is it that will drive you to become a modern day entrepreneur? 

The opportunities are out there greater and stronger than ever before.  They are accessible by everyone no matter their economic class or educational background.  The only difference lies in the question, will you be one who takes the opportunity or passes it by?    

If failure is a turning point toward new and better solutions, let the recession be our fulcrum against which we can leverage a new economy. 

Your friend in success,

Cindy Zeis

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